[Video] New Falcon auto-byte-swapping IDE adapter (enhanced twisted cable)

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[Video] New Falcon auto-byte-swapping IDE adapter (enhanced twisted cable)

Post by Badwolf »

Morning all.

I've made a second version of my byte-swapping IDE adapter for the Falcon which this time has some smarts in it.


The idea is data bytes are swapped but register and disk information bytes are not.

This means, if you use HD Driver's dual TOS/Windows partition mode, you can pull your SD/CF card out of the Falcon, slap it into a Windows or Mac (although not Linux ATM) and access your files directly on the desktop. Very useful for deploying Bad Mood, Basilisk II CDROM images or even just setting up MiNT configuration files, for example.

You can already do this with PP's PC-partition supporting IDE driver, but you can't autoboot that. Or EmuTOS, but that doesn't support 16 bit colour modes yet. Also both of those solutions suffer a slow down because of the logical (software) byte swap that's needed.

This adapter gives you the ability to auto-boot as normal, run in TOS as normal and not suffer the slow-down of logical byte swapping. It's similar to the "smart swap" technique Christian and Tuxie's Thunder, Lightning and TwiSTEr boards offer, although developed independently and not related.

Anyway, here you are. I don't promise it'll work with ATAPI or anything more complicated than the exact use case I've described in the video, but it's all open source, the firmware is there to inspect and upgrades and additions are obviously welcome.




https://www.pcbway.com/project/sharepro ... c9bda.html
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Re: [Video] New Falcon auto-byte-swapping IDE adapter (enhanced twisted cable)

Post by NEMOx »

amazing work, nice piece of hardware, there will be something to test.. thanks
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