Send shortcuts simultaneously to multiple instances of SSE

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Send shortcuts simultaneously to multiple instances of SSE

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Hope everyone's doing fine :)

I have been a user of Steem since before SSE, I use SSE as my default Atari ST emulator but I might go back to the original Steem version or even Hatari for mac, if I run into any particular problem.

Right now my idea is to have a gamepad controller to trigger simultaneously specific keys and combination of keys on several instances of SSE running at the same time.
With I have managed to create a script that lets me assign keyboard keys and combos and trigger them from the gamepad and SSE responds instantly on 1 instance, because Windows10 only allows 1 active Window at the same time.
Autohotkey is a very powerful app that will allow you to send simultaneously a key or combo from the gamepad to all active and not active windows of the same application running on the desktop, for this the script needs to be slightly different, but I can confirm that it works I have tried it myself with other apps and works flawlessly, with the gamepad I can trigger the keys and combos and the multiple instances, active and not active windows of that 1 application will also respond instantly, but with SSE, using the same script (slightly modified to work with SSE) it simply doesn't work, SSE will not pick up any keys or combos triggered from the gamepad, on the active or not active windows.
I was wondering, If anyone here had ever tried something like this before with success, if there's way around or even an alternative 3rd party app that would allow me to do this.
I have tried several alternatives to Autohotkey but they don't have support for gamepad.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Also, if someone's familiar with Autohotkey and want to take a look at my working scripts, i'll be glad to share them, just let me know:)
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