Hatari on RG 350 handheld

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Hatari on RG 350 handheld

Post by AnachronyX »

There is new Chinese retro handheld called RG 350. It runs OpenDingux and by many retrogaming geeks is considered as a best retrohandheld of year 2019. I somewhere read, that it should be fully compatible with GCW Zero. So my question is, is it possible to port most recent version of Hatari on this handheld?

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Re: Hatari on RG 350 handheld

Post by Eero Tamminen »

Hatari isn't HW dependent. If CMake, zlib and SDL v1 or v2 library are available for it, you can build Hatari. How well it runs, depends on how well SDL library works on that machine.

If the machine is ARM based and runs Linux, Hatari is most likely already available for it from corresponding Linux distribution repositories.

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