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Sponsorship for old time retr0geek

Post by alexh »

This is really off topic but as a regular contributor to the forum I thought it might be ok.

Being the super typical hw hacker dude in his bedroom I've always been a bit chunky but in 2009 I realised that I needed to loose weight and over 15 months I lost 15 stone.... but 10 years on I'm back to my old size, find it increasingly hard to get in and out of the loft to get those retro computer bits.

So I've taken a 20 month sponsored diet, I did it last time and it really helped motivate me, mainly the twist... a penalty clause whereby I donate my own money (1/20th of the total donated each month) should I go off track.

The money raised is going to Helen and Douglas house which is a hospice near me for terminally ill children and their families.

Check it out (plus you get to see what I look like) and donate even a couple of £, $ or € (other currencies accepted)

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