OIDS - improving, expanding, pls. test

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Re: OIDS - improving, expanding, pls. test

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I think that I have tried them all but the only ones that have Jagpad support seem to be the ones in this very topic.
JagPad support versions:
Basic hard disk and floppy v. with improved framerate:
HAGA v. with improved framerate - Falcon c. :

The basic hard disk and floppy version PRE5.ZIP has white text on white background in the planet select screen but seems to work othewise. It has the same problem: The Jagpad A-button is not mapped to any control. (Fire would be preferred option here).

Surprisingly HAGA v. with improved framerate - Falcon c. OIDSJP.ZIP works well with my Ste 4 MB 1.62 UK TOS. Not sure what that Falcon c. refers to. The planet select screen works as it should so this is the best version so far for jagpad users. But! the Jagpad A-button is not mapped to fire so the problem still persist.

What can be done: in the ingame keyboard remap screen you can change the keyboard keys and this seems to correspond to jagpad controls. I managed to get the jagpad B-button to work as fire. But so far I have not been able to remap fire to A-button. We are one button away for a perfect version.

It is worth a mention that there is OIDS X for the Apple Power PPC line. That version has support for arcade sticks but it woul so cool to be able to play this original St game with ease.

I also asked others to test OIDS in the Finnish Atari user group and they had the same problems with Jagpad A-button.

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Re: OIDS - improving, expanding, pls. test

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So two thoughts here, 1) report this https://atari.8bitchip.info/fromhd2.php at the bottom there is an email link. 2) We should see if we can convince CyranoJ to port it to the Jaguar :) https://atariage.com/forums/topic/24663 ... /#comments

I swear I had this working before, going to try the OIDSJP one again as soon as I can also find the 50hz program so I can also play his patched version of Populous 2 :P
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