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Post by dokkie »

hi there!

iv'e got a question...

How can i write files for the emulator, back to original St disks?

is there also a program for the amiga? (which i am using)

i hope someone can help me...
i've dusted off my ol' ste!
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Post by Noble Kale »

Files for emulators:
.Msa - Yes, can be written to disks
.st - Yes, can be written to disks

You'll need a program called makedisk.exe
Boot into dos mode, format your disks to 720kb using:
format a:/f:720
(where a: is your floppy disk drive)
This will format your disks. However, you'll need either 720kb disks, *or* 1.44mb disks with a piece of tape over the hole on the disk (the hole that isn't used for disk protection). Note that 1.44mb disks are *not* advised for use, but ok if you're in a bind.

Now that you have some nice, blank 720kb disks, it's time to use makedisk.
Using makedisk is pretty simple. The easiest way to write to disks from the disk images, is to place both makedisk.exe and the disk images in the same directory, then type:

makedisk /write diskimagename /auto

makedisk /write /auto
makedisk /write aaargh.msa /auto

Just follow the prompts, and away it goes.

Hope this is what you wanted. Note that when I say to boot to dos, I don't mean to simply open an ms dos window. If you are running windows at the time, windows will interfere with makedisk and kill your floppy disk.

Anyway, hope things work out.

Post by dokkie »


i'll give it a go!!!


Post by dokkie »

isn't there another way?

because i formatted about 20 disks, and used makedisk...
and i've got only one game working!!!!
(typhoon thompson!! what a great game!!!)

i was really hoping everything would work, cause i found some great oldies!! but all my disks are goosed up, all the boot sectors are unreadable!

help me please!

running images on real STs

Post by sts »

hi !

to be honest, I'm no specialist but reading the previous messages found me really amazed ! Why should you need so many processes ? If you have an msa or st file, just copy it to your ST and convert them to full disks using the basic msa.prg or st2disk.prg which can be found almost everywhere (esp on the inet). then you'll have fully working disks to feed on your ST :)

reach me at if you encounter problems or need more explanations

Post by dokkie »

I've also tried that...

but i have to format a disk with 720 kb...
and the most msa file are a bit bigger than that!


no problem !

Post by sts. »

sorry took me long to see you had posted an answer. It doesn't matter if MSA files are bigger than 720Kb :) You can format your floppies up to 801Kb on your ST (using Kobold for instance) and your PC should recognize them without any problems, that's what I do indeed :)

again, if you need help or advice, you'd better mail me at
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Re: no problem !

Post by cb »

sts. wrote:You can format your floppies up to 801Kb on your ST (using Kobold for instance) and your PC should recognize them without any problems
??? 8O This is the first time I hear that... And 801Kb is certainly not the maximum size an ST disk can have...

Anyway, there is a little trick to transfer disk-images >720kb:
just use a msa<->st conversion program: start from the *.st image, convert the first half of the image (for instance, sectors 0 to 40) to msa. Do the same for the second part of the disk-image, then transfert each part to a disk, use MSA on your ST to convert the image back to a disk! 8)
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