Falcon Mouse trouble

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Falcon Mouse trouble

Post by foxyfledermaus »

I just got a mint condition Atari ST Falcon on ebay. Everything seems to be fine with it, except the mouse pointer. The mouse looks brand new also like the computer but the mouse pointer travels over to the left of the monitor screen and stays there. Ic an move the pointer up and down on the left side of the display but that's all.

I can move the mouse pointer around the screen using the control key and the cursor control keys and then use the left mouse butto to click on the object, that works.

I also have a perfect condition 1040ST with a mouse. This system works fine. Itook the mouse from the 1040 and tried it on the Falcon with the same problem. So it's not the mouse itself.

Any ideas please?

Thank you, :D

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Captain Atari
Captain Atari
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Post by bj »

Sounds like you may have the famous damaged mouse port problem. If so it is not that major. Basically the mouse port is badly placed & repeated attempts to fit and remove the mouse connector lead to damage to the soldered joints of this port. Solution I'm told is to have someone handy with a soldering iron resolder the connections to this port. A simpler solution is to replace the keyboard with another keyboard with good mouse & joystick ports. The good news being that the falcon keyboard can be replaced by a keyboard from any atari STFM or STE and that refurbished keyboards are pretty cheap to buy on Ebay. This is the more likely and cheaper fault.



Post by simbo »

look at the simbos hardware faq's on the sticky at the top of the forum

to see the keyboard restoration faq

its a simple task using a small solder iron to fix it

after a little tidy work taking it too bits

{make sure you put the same screws in the same hole's}

and print the faq's there are several there

ill also place some hardware photos i gleemed from a few mag scans

in a a few days

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