Atari TT motherboard revisions: differences?

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Re: Atari TT motherboard revisions: differences?

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the problem is sockets

it was a development machine really

had socket for ics AT VHF??? no 16mhz maybe a bit better but at 32 mhz no
there is too much capacitance and inter chip pins cross talk

the pcb making software wasnt so good at rf stuff nor was digital guys with analogue guys
you need people who make pcbs to have both... mixed mode ,,,, understanding
and a good grounding in both digital and analogue

mostly the older machines were built to be upgradable

in my opinion if someone was too offer me a 32mhz rev c socketed i would do a direct swap for my rev j...

just because it has all the sockets thru hole
and some mods its exactly the same {some coax added}

i use a DDS clock for my ataris {all of them from the same source}
so is acurate to .01hz
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Re: Atari TT motherboard revisions: differences?

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Ok, so it was a cost related...Rev A-C was more expensive to make than later revisions. They designed a cost reduced motherboard in later revisions.
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