Hads 060 and flat or LCD screens

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Hads 060 and flat or LCD screens

Post by ovni73 »


Does someone knows a Hades+et6000 compatible lcd screen ?
I tried several ones but the vertical frequency is always out of the range. At startup, the vertical frequecy of my Hades
is nearly 90 hz, above what most of the LCD screen accept. I got this information by using a screen that was displaying
the frequencies applied to the VGA plug.

I still use the CRT screen I purchased with my hades in the late 90's but I'd like a LCD one to save space and weight, and also to replace it if needed.
A VGA + DVI connection would be great so I could use the same screen with my Dell Dimension machine.

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Re: Hads 060 and flat or LCD screens

Post by lp »

Here are some videos of my Hades060 booting on a Dell E196FP 19" LCD:


Its using an ATI Mach64 (PCI). I had to hand tweak nearly all the modes for the DELL using the video mode generator.
The machine died soon after I shot these 2 videos. :(

If I remember correctly there is no video mode generator for the ET6000 driver.
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