LINK'97 INTERNAL English Translation of Instructions

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LINK'97 INTERNAL English Translation of Instructions

Post by johncarteronmars »

Real quick translation, actually fairly good considering I was only in Gernany for 3 1/2 yrs as a Russian linguist
and had a few German classes on post to get by on the economy
I used to go to Bavaria or the MOSEl region every year but could not arrange that this year.

If someone is lucky enough to run across one of these link 97 internal boards, they might need this translation.
and yes they do say this will support a cable length of 3 - 4 meters not feet.


VERY valued customers,

LINK 97 internal, is a SCSI controller for the Atari ACSI interface. The controller signals the passing of the ACSI (DMA) bus an Atari ST / STE / TT signals from a computer to the SCSI bus.
to the LINK 97 internal, up to 7 SCSI devices are connected. The LINK 97 internal supports the SCSI-II command set according to ICD Convention, the parity bit SCSI and SCSI initiator identification.
As an innovation, the Amplified driver performance is to call on the SCSI side. Thus several meters SCSI cable can be used.
2nd. Innovation is to call the limited SCSI bus sharing.
With the release of the SCSI bus, SCSI bus is released, waits as long as the Atari went through any operation on the SCSI bus. if there is Entry, you must first check the SCSI bus by the other, to see if possibly the Host has been released.
Because of the high efficiency can be connected with little restrictions all SCSI devices, unless the devices can be addressed via an appropriate driver software. The maximum cable length is 3 - 4 meters.
Next, may only be terminated on the last random SCSI bus. The LINK 97 internal is itself passive Terminated.

Scope of delivery

97 Internal Link
DMA cable with two 19 pin connectors
Y for the power supply cable
this guide
Floppy disk with the driver software, except the hardware packet

the link 97 internal, is internally connected to the 19 pin cable from the dma in socket of the link 97 internally connected to the 19 pin ACSI (DMA)
a connected socket ATARI computer. to the 50 pin connector to the SCSI devices via a 50 pin ribbon cable connected, such as hard disk, removable drive, CD-ROM drive, removable drive, or phase flatbed scanner connected. the assignment of the 50 pin connector corresponds to the Occupancy ACCORDING to SCSI standards (see figure on the last page).

OTHERWISE there is danger of destruction!

if you want to connect multiple SCSI devices
, This must be properly terminated. If only one SCSI Device to the LINK 97 is closed internally, it must be terminated. If several devices connected to the voltage supply LINK 97, only the last SCSI devices on the SCSI bus must be terminated. For all other SCSI devices, the terminators must be removed. As the terminators are removed or turned off, the descriptions
refer to the respective SCSI devices.


The link 97 internal is supplied with +5 volts from the scsi bus.
If This voltage is the SCSI cable 26 (TERMPWR) is
removed. The LINK 97 will not function, so is to also(wise to)check whether the voltage of the SCSI devices on pin comes 26th If this is not
the case must be tested on whether via a jumper or switch this voltage can be switched on. As funtioniert, is described in the instructions for SCSI devices. Provides a SCSI devices without SUPPLY VOLTAGE (TERMPWR), so please get with your distributor.

INITIATOR identification

The LINK 97 internal has an initiator identification. The LINK 97 must have fixed the ID of 7
The INITIATOR identification is necessary for newer disk generations, such as Quantum empire / fireball. Initiator in the phase is determined, which has the computer ID, which should be the highest in the control.
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Re: LINK'97 English Translation of Instructions

Post by bullis1 »

Thanks very much for this information! I have a Link '97 lying around that I've forgotten how to use properly.
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