FreeMiNT Philosophys (was NetSurf GEM Port)

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Re: FreeMiNT Philosophys (was NetSurf GEM Port)

Post by christos »

Eero Tamminen wrote:
mikro wrote:Linux is a perfect example here -- there's no frakking way you can survive in Linux without command line for more than 1 month (if you have to install / maintain it by yourself, that is). In FreeMiNT, however, you can.
Out of curiosity, on which century you've last used end-user oriented Linux distros (like Ubuntu)?
Being an ubuntu user myself, you need to, about once a week or so, and especially everytime you have a problem. Last week I upgraded my graphics card from NVIDIA to NVIDIA and it would only boot to command line, so I had to remove the old nvidia driver and install the new one using command line. However that's an inherent design thing of linux and not something that affects FreeMiNT if you put a command line in it.
I guess from a normal user perspective, you need to use a command line in about 1% of your use case scenario, unfortunately as it happens that's mostly for when you have a system problem and when you want to install something that isn't available in the repos.

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Re: FreeMiNT Philosophys (was NetSurf GEM Port)

Post by calimero »

Mikro is absolutely right about Linux: if you have problem - you need to fire up command line.

interesting, this is not so true with Mac: it is more like with Atari - if you have problem, you can solve it via GUI. Terminal in OS X is more like add-on, and on Atari it should be like add-on: completely independent from rest of GEM applications.
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