C-MANSHIP Complete Listings - Questions and issues

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C-MANSHIP Complete Listings - Questions and issues

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Dear all

I am currenlty learning C and GEM programming using the Book C-MANSHIP complete from Clayton Walnum.

I am running under Aranym / FreeMint / MyAES (or Xaaes) with fVDI.
I am using the AHCC 4.10 compiler.
I noted that some adaptations of the listings in the book (written in the late '80s) are necessary to make them run with AHCC.

I open this thread to post questions and issues I encounter with those listing. At the end of my journey through the revisited C-MANSHIP, I hope to be able to post an archive with all the listing adapted to run on the above configuration...

So, let's start with a first issue
In the listing of chapter 8, the function screen(), which writes address records to the screen, makes use of the v_enter_cur(handle)...
When I execute the resulting TOS program under plain TOS 4.04 (i.e without FreeMint, MyAes/Xaaes and fVDI), everything runs just fine. The application behaves as described in the book.

But when running under FreeMint/ MyAES/ fVDI, everything runs of until the program reaches the line v_enter_cur(handle). At that moment, the toswin2 window just closes and the application quit...

What could be the reason? What would be the solution.

EDIT 1: I just find out that this problem occurs only when I launch the tos application by double clicking the icon in the desktop. But when I launch the application through the "Star TOS application" menu item from the TOSWIN2 menu bar, everything runs fine :)...
EDIT2: I just find out that this problem DOES NOT occur under Xaaes, only under MyAES... I will report this to Olivier L.


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