My 1040 stf is out :'(

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My 1040 stf is out :'(

Post by Brume »

I bought today a 1040 stf (have already one STE & one Falcon, but I wanted to see some demos that work only on a simple st).
It is in good condition. I plugged it but with a standard cable...
This 1040 stf is in NTSC! I didn't notice it and the correct cable wasn't provided. As you can guess, the computer didn't accept my 220 V cable very well. It worked while a few seconds. There was a strange noise, then a white smoke was dissipated from the machine :cry:
I unplugged it fastly, but I guess it doesn't work anymore... So here my question: do I have to change the whole power set? Or do I just need to change some fuses or something like that? Sorry, I'm not electronics specialist, so I have no idea where that white smoke came from (but I assume doesn't smell good=doesn't mean something good)... I opened briefly the computer, and it seems ok.
Another question is: is it possible to change the whole power set in order to put a 220 V one? Is it complicated? Will I have to unweld/weld some stuffs?
Well, if I don't manage to repair this machine, I'd use some components... but it's a pity :?
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Post by [ProToS] »

change the psu with a european one from a stf/e it's very easy
with luck only the psu have brun ...


Post by simbo »

its only two wires to move over

so look for the schematic for that psu type

there are 10 or so revisions
so try to match it up properly

and see where the 240v connects

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