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Re: Donations

Post by ThorstenBenter »

Dear all,
made a small donation - I love what you guys are doing here.
About 4 weeks ago, I "rescued" three Atari 1040 STFM's from being trashed. One was still working, the other two need some treatment, and I'll happily try sometime in the future. About two weeks ago, the working ST got a Gotek, works nicely. About the same time, I learned about Hatari ...
Never had an Atari when I was young = 40 years ago. Had the ZX81 and ZXSpectrum. Was dreaming of IBM XT's. With much of the very helpful entries in this forum (and some other places) I got the 68000 (and that is what gives me goose bumps, you know, back then it was Z80 and 8088) machine in no time up and running happily.
Thank you all very much!!!
All the very best,
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Re: Donations

Post by Arne »

I'm willing to donate 15% of my shop's sales from now to 31st December 2023 midnight CET to the forum. This excludes postage.
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Re: Donations

Post by Gnu »

Donation made.
Thank you all for keeping it up and running :)
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Re: Donations

Post by jfl »

I've just did my bit to help this great forum.
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