Fullscreen Sync Problem On Startup

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Fullscreen Sync Problem On Startup

Post by allanhiggins »

I like to use fullscreen with as high a resolution as possible. I am seeing the following when Steem first starts (I took this screenshot by switching to windowed mode after the problem occurs. It is accurate):
This screenshot is from a session using a 1024x768x1 Extended Monitor setting (I would ideally like to use the 1280x960x1 setting, but it doesn't display at all in fullscreen mode). I have tried the different "Drawing modes", "Scanline Grille" on/off, "Use 256 colour mode" on/off, and "Vsync to PC display" on/off. If I press "reset" after Steem is already started in fullscreen mode then it restarts and works fine. Starting fullscreen mode using 800x600x1 works fine.


I'm running XP SP2 on a DELL Latitude C640 laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 with a maximum resolution of 1400x1050.
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