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Forum Rules

Post by Silver Surfer »

Forum Rules

The Basics
Please don't type in ALL CAPS. Please don't post the same thing in multiple threads or forums. Signing up for multiple usernames is not allowed. Don't do anything here you wouldn't do in your own living room. is a Friendly Community
Treat fellow posters as neighbours. Do not antagonise your neighbours. Please be respectful of each other and each other's threads.

If what someone has posted angers you, take a break, calm down and remember it's just the Internet before you respond.

Thinking before posting is a lesson we all learn and re-learn. Tone is difficult to convey in a message forum and English is not everyone's first language. Please make it clear when you are joking (that's what the smilies are for) or being sarcastic.

Moderators are people who help keep our forum organised, friendly and informative. Please thank them and send gifts of wine, women and song occasionally - or all three if you're feeling generous!.

Moderators control individual forums. They can edit posts in their forums and do that when and if they see fit. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to your forum moderator. If you have an issue with how something has been moderated send a polite PM to the moderator or the administrators (Silver Surfer & muguk). Opinions on how a particular post has been moderated are not welcome on the public areas of the forum.

The forum is here so we can have fun. We do not want to spend our time enforcing rules and reminding people to be respectful.

We're fortunate to have such an interesting, amusing, considerate group of people gathered here who always welcome new faces.

Thanks to everyone who participates!

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Post by Brume »

Just some lines more:

- We want to come back to the friendly ambience of the first years of the forum. If you don't feel agree with that, try another forum and leave this one.

- We have deleted some offending posts. Don't ask us why, that's the spirit.

- Everyone who has left the forum is welcome to come back. Just follow the first point and all will be ok ;)

- We didn't find the time to update the forum until now. It will be done next week-end (last version of phpbb + sub-categories as requested by Simbo).

And the final sentence is:
Lie down on the floor and keep calm!


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