X11 Ports / LibMotif

C and PASCAL (or any other high-level languages) in here please

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X11 Ports / LibMotif

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Please find here Motif library version 2.3.8 ported to Mint 020+

This should make backports easier for X11 applications.

Lesstif alternative seems broken on our platform, motif is ok.

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Motif (1) is both a standard for a graphical user interface as well as a widget toolkit. Written in the C programming language, it runs on the X Windowing System. It includes a window manager and development tools. In the 1980s, Motif was the standard user interface on UNIX systems from vendors such as Digital Equipment Corporation and Hewlett-Packard.
More info...

Link https://motif.ics.com/

It comes with many examples, particularly with a Filemanager (xterm is used to launch exec)
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