Basilisk on CT060/63/e

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Basilisk on CT060/63/e

Post by Teki »

i wanted to start the apple basilisk falcon port on 060 and only get a white screen... after several YT videos ( i am doing and configuring it all right)
i find this in exxos forum which exactly looks like my white screen error :

"After a bit more digging in various forum posts, I thought that having TOS mapped in RAM by the MMU might affect the MMU video emulation.
So I turned off TOS in ROM (which had been turned on when I reset in the CT63 bios settings) and voila! It works again....and I thought that might be a reason for your difficulties getting it to run." <--- he also writes about white screen only when starting basilisk on 060

so i tried to find a prg to put ROM NOT IN RAM ???
i tried already bootconf201, mintsetter,a french nvram ... but they all only have re4solutions, time , language
but no selection for TOS NOT IN ROM
can somebody help ?
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Re: Basilisk on CT060/63/e

Post by mikro »

You have to set it in the CT60CONF.CPX. However I vaguely remember that since some version (1.04?) this option has been removed.
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Re: Basilisk on CT060/63/e

Post by agranlund »

It's a longshot but you could try adding "nommu 1" to basilisk.inf and see if that helps if you cannot prevent the CT60 from using the mmu for rom remapping.
I have no idea if the non-mmu mode works on anything but 68020 though. It was added mainly to support the MonSTer accelerator.
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Re: Basilisk on CT060/63/e

Post by frank.lukas »

mikro wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2024 3:20 pm You have to set it in the CT60CONF.CPX ...
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