Milan at 25yo

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Milan at 25yo

Post by PeterS »

Joska pointed out in the Cubase thread that the Milan is now 25 years old. Wow.

Mine has had a few upgrades, mostly in the early years.

I did look at a Firebee for a while but uncertainty over compatibility at the time put me off. I've never seen one but I gather it has good speed.

The Vampire and the Vampire standalone got my interest but, for me, it would need better mint compatibility because that's all I ever use.

More recently I've had a look at Buffee and PiSTorm to upgrade my even older STfm and/or the Milan.

The PiSTorm on the ST has hit coremark 85 mips thanks to Cryptodad (and others) and there's even been work on higher graphics modes. On the Amiga, emu68 versions have gone a lot faster.

Being optimistic I think there are more potential upgrades now than 10 years ago.
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