Files in Files - make me understand

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Files in Files - make me understand

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While dumping disks here and there. I recently File copied Flintstones (game). after that I used Zip->MSA.

I opend up the .msa file in text editor on my pc. while hunting traces if this one was modifed. Then I discoverd completly other files of a
Demo etc. I thought only old (deleted files) was only following if I did a complete .MSA dump of the actual disk. not when I filed copy..
I dont really understand this.. ????
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Re: Files in Files - make me understand

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Then the original files were corrupted. File copy should only copy the file, based on the sides & sectors that the file occupied. If that file was corrupted, then you will see other data inside it instead of what you expected to find. Or maybe the file data was re-used as part of the crack intro?
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