VanillaMiNT 2 - need some input

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Re: VanillaMiNT 2 - need some input

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Just checked. KERN_SLICES was set to 10. Changed this to 2 but it did not make any difference. Tried typing 10 rows of "just a test" in qed fairly quickly, it came ut perfect in 16MHz on my MSTE. Switched to 8MHz and the result was:

Code: Select all

justa etst
jus at ets
jus tatest
justa tes
tjust atest
jus t a tet
sjust a etst
When looking closely there might actually not be any lost keypresses, but they come out in the wrong order. Some sort of race condition when the keyboard routine can't keep up?

A pity this doesn't work correctly, because apart from this MiNT/XaAES is actually working rather well on the 68000. Some of the tools (like TosWin2) are very resource hungry but there are alternatives.

Edit: Interestingly, increasing KERN_SLICES to 20 improved the situation in the sense that the keypresses came out in the correct order, but with a lot of lag. It also makes the system more sluggish in general, even with 16MHz and cache enabled.
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