Hardware 4MB / 1MB switch?

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Hardware 4MB / 1MB switch?

Post by Lektroid »

Hi, I have seen a video showing an STE with a 4MB / 1MB switch. Looks like a standard SPDT switch, which he said is wired to pin 18 of the SIMMs, he initially said he grounded pin 18 with the switch, then mentions "a bunch of resistors", and the MMU. Anyone have a more detailed guide on how to do this? Looks like a really nice mod.

Here's the video:
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Re: Hardware 4MB / 1MB switch?

Post by tzok »

He says, that one of the resistor is connected to pin 18 of the SIMMs (A9). He lifted on side of this resistor and connected to a switch. The switch is wired that in one position it disconnects this resistor from SIMMs (and lefts it HiZ/floating), and grounds the A9 on the SIMMs side, and on the other position it connects the resistor back to A9 of SIMMs.

Code: Select all

A9 >------|_____|--------------.X.------------> SIMM pin 18
                               | |
                               | |  ______
                               | | |      |
                              _|_|_|_    _|_
                              |     |     _
                              |_____|     .
Mod is pretty useless, if something won't work with 4MB, it is unlikely to work on STe either way. TOS 1.6/1.62/2.6 on STe is a much bigger problem, than 4MB.
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