Falcon and Jag pad

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Falcon and Jag pad

Post by paul92706 »

Hi guys happy holidays, i got a question, what games are compatible with the Falcon and Jaguar pad? Can u list links to games?, thanks
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Re: Falcon and Jag pad

Post by jvaltane »

Atarimania has nice jagpad search.
http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_at ... 8_S_G.html

Atari-forums thread about jagpad games for STE. Most probably work also with Falcon.

Not sure how good is list at atarimania, but at least there are quite many titles.
- jvaltane
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Re: Falcon and Jag pad

Post by neanderthal »

Well at least mine is ;)..And yea sort of put in checks for machine and stuff in there so ye folks could play it straight of..btw for those who havent tested..Donkey JR saves video mode and returns with previous video mode on the machines that could test.
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