Spectrum 512, Ooze & 60 Hz

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Spectrum 512, Ooze & 60 Hz

Post by penguin »

I've had some problems with two (three) programs using Hatari 2.2.1/macOS Mojave. I used a disk image version of Spectrum 512 first - the Sync.prg would crash, the main program is not working. Then the version on DHS's website: 60Hz.prg crashes with two bombs, Spectrum 512 is not able to display images correctly. Hatari 1.8.0 was compatible with both programs.

In Ooze, the top line is distorted (game works otherwise).
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Re: Spectrum 512, Ooze & 60 Hz

Post by npomarede »

looking at the screenshot, maybe you did not set cpu emulation to "cycle exact" mode ?
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