Any DeskTopper users nowaday ?

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Any DeskTopper users nowaday ?

Post by danorf »

Hi, if anybody still use a DeskTopper to recase a Falcon and is kind enough to answer these questions :

I'm currently dusting off my Falcon recased in a second hand one for years.

1) I never got the PowerUp add-on (reset and power buttons on the front side and two other things, I think probably leds). I tried to search for some more precise information on Internet about this add-on but found nothing really relevent. If you got it can you post docs or photos, please ? I'll probably interested in trying to hack a diy version.

2) on the first floor of the main Desktopper Box, there is space that looks intended for some sort of PSU. I used it my way, but did an "official" psu add-on ever existed ?

3) when assembling the main case have you kept the original metal shield of the falcon (what i've done) or did you get rid of it ? In this last case what have you done with the internal speaker ?

Everry little bit of answer will be welcomed. :D

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