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E-mail address not accepted

Post by Foxie »

I suppose it's about time I fixed this! I can't put either of my real e-mail addresses into my account settings, because the forum script screams "Spammers domain!". It's absurd. Neither of my e-mail accounts are that unusual, and one of them is with Yahoo. Can't get much more mainstream than that!

I can't fathom what kind of e-mail address it's looking for. Nobody uses ISP provided e-mail any more, so what's it expecting people to use? Their own domains, I wonder? I wouldn't know where to begin these days with setting up a mail server of my own.
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Re: E-mail address not accepted

Post by spiny »

we get a -ton- of spam here, so the major free webmails are blocked. let me know your email address and i'll manually update your account :)

as for getting your own, it's easy, just register a domain and use the registras options to forward all mail to a gmail/yahoo/whatever address. That way you have an email address for life. if yahoo ever stop providing email, you can repoint your domain to somewhere else, and you don't need to tell anyone your new address.

I've had my spiny.org domain for about 20 years now I think, been through loads of email providers, but never had to change my email address :)
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