Some TOS 2.06 Patched STOS Games and... Robotz!

A section to cover all the different problems encountered by running game x on system y! Whether it's as simple as a non-STE compatible game through to h/drive installable games. Discuss them all in here.

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Would you like to see more TOS 2.06 patched STOS games posted here? If not, then I'll just keep them on my HD...

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Re: Some TOS 2.06 Patched STOS Games and... Robotz!

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sblendorio wrote:What's the way to patch STOS programs for TOS 2.06? I got this one (attached). It does not recognize joystick button pressure.
Tried in this thread, but I had no success:

Currently it works under TOS 1.02
This thread has been dead for a long time mate! would have said have a word with AtariZoll, but he seems to have buggered offski.
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Re: Some TOS 2.06 Patched STOS Games and... Robotz!

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Yep... TEN years :D BTW the answer is now in the same thread! :)

It was a very interesting one!
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