Atari Touch Tablet

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Atari Touch Tablet

Post by DeVol »


i'm a new Atari collector and also new on this forum but on topic :

in a sniff market I found a box with a 130XL, tape drive, floppy and some cables + a touch tablet. I had never seen the touch tablet before so I finally convinced the seller to give me the tablet without the rest. I just had to have it so I payed 10 euro for it.
At home I googled and quickly noticed there is also some pen required that attaches to it, and ofcourse that wasn't included. To see the picture of the Atari CX77 Touch Tablet :

It has a standard joystick connector, so in vanity i thought it would even work on my Atari 2600. The two buttons (on the left and right side) to the same as pulling a joystick left or right. Moving my finger on the tablet doesn't do anything (on a 2600 junior that is!). I havent tried on my mega st2 yet.

Anyone knows some more about these tablets? Do they only work on the 130XL (the 8-bit Atari's) ? I have yet to try on my mega st2 but i'm asking allready anyway.
Will they at all work without the pen (i read somewhere fingers should be fine as well)? If not, does anyone know some technical details about this pad so maybe i could make my own? ...
I believe the tablets also came with a cartridge with some drawing program on it. I dont think it held essential drivers or anything...

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Post by jens »

On Atari-Computermuseum Mike has written that it is for the 8bit-ataris and that a special software is needed.
Greetings, Jens

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Post by Dark Willow »

As far as I am aware these tablets only worked with the 8-bit computers, not the consoles, 16 or 32 machines. It wasn't actually an overwhelming sucess as not much software was produced that utilised it and it needed a cartridge (called AtariArtist, that shipped with the device itself) to work.

As for fiding the pens I'm not sure how much luck you'll have. I'd reccomend trying someone like Best Electronics (in the US) as they often get hold of warehouse surplus stuff Atari left kicking round when they went belly up. They might be able to get you the cartridge too.

Another place to try might be Micro Discount in the UK, they do a lot of 8-bit stuff.
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Post by atarianer2003 »

You'll need the pen and the Atariartist cartridge, then you can make easily graphics on Atari 400/800, XL and XE series ;)

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