Magnification Filters... please HELP ME!

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Magnification Filters... please HELP ME!

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I'm not sure how MANY e-mails I sent in order to receive a proper answer to my request 'cause I lost count...

Does anyone know if it's possible to MODIFY any ST emulator (preferrably "STeem_v3.2" or "HATARI")
adding "Magnification Filters" like Scale2x/3x, SuperEagle, HQx and so on?

Are you guys AWARE that "ONLY" ATARI emulators "DO NOT" have these features?!?
FCEUX, zSNESw, FUSION, SCUMMVM, WinUAE are in Full-Throttle,
and even VICE has Scale2x "For Crying Out Loud"!!!
Is it really THAT difficult TO DO Programming-Wise?

I'm LONGING to play games on STeem and JUST CRANK IT all the way up with a HQ4x,
and blow away all the other machines... (especially the AMIGA)

I'm only a huge ATARI FAN, not a programmer, so please, PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
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