(Omikron.Basic) video action compactor

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(Omikron.Basic) video action compactor

Post by Omikronman »

Hey all :wink:

After a looooong pause I finally had a new idea to make a quick and dirty basic program for the Atari.
I play Elite Dangerous for the PC all day and my favourite way of play is "bounty hunting".
That means I start shooting down space ships to earn Credits and often record all play to a video file.

Unfortunately my videos are often too long and the action is too low.
To shorten the video footage to the most action part I first note all times when I killed a space ship.
After that I type in the times into the DATA lines of my Basic program.

Now the program searches for a part of the video where most of the action happens.
This may be the shortest part when 10 kills or 1/3 of all kills happened for example.
It is all quick and dirty and experimental and for no comfortable usage so still no upload ^^.

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