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Hi all

Well as the thread says I'm looking for a graphics artist.

As you know I'm working on a new conversion of R-Type for the Atari STE. Unseen Menace who was doing all the original graphics
seems to have left the ST-Scene. I've tried to contact him with no avail so now I'm looking for someone to undertake the rest of the

You'll be working on levels two on-wards with an already pre-defined palette. Basically the graphic work itself is taking the artwork
from the original arcade version, converting it to the 16 color palette and re-touching the art for inclusion in the game. There
is no real drawing stuff from scratch, unless really required. I have a working level two but it's made up from ripped gfx from the
original ST version and converted stuff from the PC with a basic Degas re-colour which although functional doesn't look too good
and gave me something to work with.

The main game engine is about 90% finished with some little bits and pieces to finish off, any additional code is level specific stuff
(the movement of the stage 3 battle ship, the level 4 aliens that leave eggs behind etc...) which I can't start on until I get the level
gfx done and the level's made up.

All the in-game chip music is now completed too.

If you're interested send me a P.M. and I'll send on the gfx I've got so you can take a look at and if you're interested get started.

I would, if possible like to get this game finished and released sometime next year.


Stephen (Bod/STAX)

And please *** ONLY SERIOUS PEOPLE!!! ***
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