Disks That Should Work

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Re: Disks That Should Work

Post by mlynn1974 »

I tested Steem with TOS 1.0, 1Mb in STFM mode. Now I run with TOS 1.2, 1Mb, STFM and if something doesn't work on that then I try it on TOS 1.0. I see what you mean about SainT. Unfortunately I don't have a real TOS 1.0 machine to try it out.

I am using Steem version v3.2. Steem Debug version also does the same with Automation 97.
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Re: Disks That Should Work

Post by Dal »

It might also be worth trying the latest Steem build:

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Re: Disks That Should Work

Post by AtariZoll »

Diverse menu disks should be not some serious criteria in judging emulators. They were coded by amateurs, mostly beginners, especially early ones. It is normal that they will not work with some TOS versions, or with more RAM in machine.
We have just enough originals making problems with diverse emulators and TOS version, so I think that it should be what people focus in this thread. Or at least don't test menu disks, but disks with separated game cracks.
As time shows, there are still many things not perfectly emulated. Latest discovery was about inproper illegal instruction handle - case of Pole Position alpha and Hatari. But what is interesting is that actually in Steem 3.2 is more error in that.
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