How tu use GCC on Atari?

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How tu use GCC on Atari?

Post by jtkirk67 »


as GCC is the last C-Compiler, that is updatet, i want to switch from gfa-basic to c, but how can i use it? Is there anywhere on the web a complete package, which let me start coding without long configuration?
My goal is to compile some sdl-games for the tos-platform(look at

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Post by tobe »

the first way is to use GCC as a cross-compiler on a linux-box or windows with cygwin.
the second way is to use GCC on a BIG atari, i can't help here ;)
you can also use turbo_c on any atari, it works on a (old good) ST.
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Post by bpadinha »

If you mean to code in C/SDL for the TOS-platform per se (i.e., not necessarily the Atari ST/E), you need to check this page

If your focus is really specific on ST/E, than I'd recommend PureC, obtainable from the Reservoir Gods site, where you can also download their amazing C libraries for game/demo writing on the ST/STE/Falcon.

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