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Help Required

Post by Chardless »

Hi All

I have recently got my Atari ST from my Mums Loft and thought woo hoo,

but i have a problem when i turn it on using the tv i get a very snowy screen and dissorted sound i can see the little green screen but its very snowy , i am using a normal aerial cable out of the ST into the tv, should i be using anything different.

Apologies if this is a very simple thing to fix, but as im used to pc's going back to the ST has stumped me !!!

Post by simbo »

sounds like the wrong cable

what you need to do is get a phono plug type 2 pin connector
and cut the end of the tv cable off and connect the phono plug up

sounds like the ground connections arent right

so change the plug problems solved :P
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Post by PaulB »

Sounds like your TV isn't tuned into the Atari's frequency correctly. Try fine tuning the TV and see if you get better output. Also this could be caused by interference from something else i.e. speakers, washing machine, even a PC. Keep the Atari well away from other electrical equipment. Failing all that it must be a fault in the hardware.


Post by simbo »

with heinsight

this issue can affect atari signals to the tv

if there is a local transmitter pop'd up on the channel the atari transmits on
you can get cross talk
i can place MOST tv problems
are caused by this local signal saturation problem
this can affect the signal the atari exhudes

and it will appear there is no cure to your shaddy picture or sound

BUT you need to drop the atari out of its shell case

and tune the modulator to a new non-occupied channel
{i also drilled a hole in the back for any later adjustment}

in the uk the new channel 5 came online in 19something
on ch 34 35 36 37 38

and the atari is tuned mostly to channel 35 {in the uk }
my advice is to check the leads first
using the correct cable

then try adjusting the tv signal modulator

via its brass screw on its rear
{youll need to strip the atari out its case no need to remove the metal covers of other parts except the floppy and some screws}
use a non metalic screwdriver

{a bit of plastic or a sharp plastic needle or the right trim tool}

to do this
plug an ariel into the tv and check for static only{no pictures}
if you dont have static tune the tv down to ch 33 or 32 for static only

now you can plug in the atari
and retune the brass screw
till the tv shows a perfect picture

in europe or america etc
this problem can be much worse

so use double screened 75ohm cable
and good quality plugs to get a clean signal with no other transmiters

{trying to "walk over " your ataris output}
problem solved forever....... :roll:

it is worth adding that the best place to keep an atari is atleast 3 ft from any emp source like a monitor or tv
so make a 6 or 7 ft lead {two meters or 2.5 meters} cable
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