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Towers II Guide Page

Post by Edward256 »

It's been a while since I've been around here. I've been working on a webpage with a little help from syntaxerror's guide.

I'm hoping this will become an all you needed to know about Towers II page. Unfortunately I don't own a Jaguar nor the cartridge, and the only "good" emulator about doesn't seem to play well. So far I've covered things for the Falcon and PC version.

So far I've done an extensive play through of the Falcon version, and I found some things that seemed to... change? during game play. Though it has been a long time between my messy notes during the game play and getting this page together so I have sort of forgotten what was actually happening. One example was that on map03 around [21,18], after passing map09 the thief disappeared and a teleporter took his place. I think I was going crazy so I left that part out.

Apart from a few things the Falcon and Jaguar versions seem to be relatively the same. The PC version seems to be much more identical to the Jaguar version. I'm hoping someone can help me with a few details I haven't been able to figure out.
On map03, chain 2 [24,5], have no idea what this one does.
On map11, door at [42,5], what lies beyond? Don't think I managed to pass the test. How does it work?
On map12, chain 16 [35,36], have no idea what this one does.

You may also notice that not all knights and sages are on the map (or in the right places). Of course, placing monsters is pretty difficult because most of them wander around all the time. Most have been placed based on encounters, and that's not easy when there is a Big Red Devil of a Knight twice your size chasing you and your only refuge are the stairs. I think the only way to get exact location is if someone can rip the maps from the game files. I tried looking at the possibility, but it seems to be a 3rd map, a 3rd arbitrary item placement, and a 3rd event programming.

Anyways, I'd like opinions about what I've created so far, and help in anything and everything I've missed out on.

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Re: Towers II Guide Page

Post by MadMax2023 »

Thanks for your interesting website.
This game is unique on Falcon (and Jaguar too), it's a good idea to have made a specific page about.
I've always wanted to finish it, but i don't go very far... if you have completely finished it a complete walkthrough would be nice :D
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