Revisions of Falcon motherboard

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Revisions of Falcon motherboard

Post by HitPoint »

how many revisions of falcon030 motherboard are available?
and what differences between whem?

i have CA401332-002 Rev.C


Post by simbo »

A=Alpha version inhouse developement
B=Beta version sent to the gimps who then bum on about it shows and exibitions
C=Main release version
D=revised to fix major errors
E=revised to fix minor errors left over.... a new revision is made each time the factory/factories plan to make and build another release of machines

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Re: Revisions of Falcon motherboard

Post by uicr0Bee »

1. Where can I find the list of these major and minor errors fixed in D and E releases?
2. Were there any changes between B and C revisions? My motherboard is "B" so should I expect any errors, instability, etc? Rudolphe Czuba told me once the PCB revision has no practical meaning.
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