Atari 2600 JR not working

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Atari 2600 JR not working

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I have recently purchased an Atari 2600JR with 2 games from a games shop (G-Force) which was closing in Glasgow after being in business for 20+ years. It came with a joystick, 8V/2A PSU ugly multi-tip thing (9V on my multi-meter), Centipede and the 32-in-1 Games cartridge.

I am having difficulty getting a picture on my flat screen TVs. I expected it to be on Channel 36 but I am getting nothing there using my Spectrum RF cable. There is a black screen at Channel 49 but I can only get that using the fine tuning menu on a Samsung TV. On a Panasonic Viera (32") without a fine tune menu there is nothing on Channel 49.

I think I need the composite mod but in Scotland I don't know anyone I would trust to install it.
I am also worried that the black screen is a sign that the TIA chip is dead, or there is other damage to the modulator or the circuit board.
Does anyone have advice on fixing this?
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