Copying tape to tape?

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Copying tape to tape?

Post by Mulbin »

I've been searching online for a guide but not turned up much. Mostly there seems to be info on copying tapes to disk, but what I was hoping to do is backup tapes to audio files, then use those backups to record new copies of the tape. I seem to recall years ago, with my old amstrad, I used to backup my tapes on a twin tapedeck Hi-Fi... but obviously that causes some degredation with each backup.

Any tutorials/software out there for preserving the tape recordings in this way?
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Re: Copying tape to tape?

Post by Skarg »

If you want to do it the old-school way, you could use Boot Tape Back-Up Plus, a cassette-based software for backing up boot tapes.

As the old ads in Analog magazine read:
Atari owners,
are you backed up?

At last, an inexpensive and easy way to mal<e back-up copies
of your boot tape software. Even simple tape stretctiing from
normal use can suddenly make a program no longer load.
BOOT TAPE BACK-UP is a utility program ttiat will generate a
copy of your autoboot macfiine language programs to
provide you witti an identical copy to store away for safe

Professionals make a back-up copy of everyttiing. At minimal
cost, you can now protect your large investment in software
the same way. BOOT TAPE BACK-UP is simple to use and will
pay for itself many times over. Don't put your precious
programs at risk!
I happen to even have an original copy of such a cassette, though I don't seem to have a 410 recorder any more, nor the manual for it, that I've seen recently.
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Re: Copying tape to tape?

Post by Marsupilami »

This topic is a 1 year old but try this tutorial : ... -wav-file/ :
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