Hades060 and MagicNet?

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Hades060 and MagicNet?

Post by TheNameOfTheGame »

Is anyone using magicnet successfully on their Hades?

I am trying Odd's mint drivers and magicnet 1.42b (which is supposed to be compatible with mintnet drivers), but the interface isn't picked up. I have tried both a PCI RTL8139 and a PCI NE2000 card. Both cards are seen by pcidump.prg, but the driver doesn't seem to load. Also, does anyone have a patched RTL8139 driver for a 2MB mach64? The one on Odd's site is for a 4MB and it won't work with my video card.

If I need to, I also have an ISA ethernec card I can use (RTL8019).

One thing I notice In my boot.log is that it seems magicnet (from the magic xtension folder) starts before pcibios.prg (from the auto folder) has run. Maybe the driver doesn't see the interface it needs and won't load because of that?

Here is the boot.log. You can see pcibios runs later after magicnet starts.

Code: Select all

MAGX-NeT dated Jan 22 2003
MagX-Net 1.4 PL 2, beta
½ 1998-2003  Vassilis Papathanassiou 

Loading interfaces:

NOVA-Initialisierungsprogramm Version 1.30 gestartet

 Unimplemented Integer Instruction und 
 Floating Point Handler Version 1.4    
            F. Aschwanden              
 *-> Wird installiert!                 

PCI BIOS Extension Rev. 1.13d / 06.04.2002
Copyright ½ 1997-2002 by Markus Fichtenbauer
                      in dedication to Pris

PCI_CONF not installed, scanning devices...
Slot | VendorID | DeviceID | Description
[01] |  0x1002  |  0x4758  | Display controller (VGA compatible)
[02] |  0x10EC  |  0x8139  | Network controller (Ethernet)
[03] |  0x1274  |  0x1371  | Multimedia device (Audio)
[04] |  0xFFFF  |          | no device
PCI-BIOS driver interface installed
overall 18678 bytes resident in memory

NOVA-VDI  Version 2.61   68020/30 resident installiert *MHG*

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