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Atari maniac
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Re: Hardware Overscan

Post by gstoll »

Greenious wrote:These are the latest autoswitch overscan drivers I have, dated september 1990.
The latest version is 3.0zm form 12.02.1994 an can download here.
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Steven Seagal
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Re: Hardware Overscan

Post by Steven Seagal »

Would be fun to emulate that bad boy too one day.
The 1280x960 resolution is available as extended monitor, but it's not really emulation of this, a board for the Mega ST with its own video memory and display chip.
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Re: Hardware Overscan

Post by emcclariion »

I have Mega STE with a AlberTT card and it almost makes that res in 16 colours.

1024x768 16 colours
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Re: Hardware Overscan

Post by xorcerer »

Hello, I have a question not related to Steem but actual hardware.

I have a hardware overscan of some sort installed in my old modded STm, I remember that it worked in the 90'ties. It just doesn't seem to cooperate with neither Lacescan nor Autoswitch drivers and I have no idea whether I've ever had a floppy with original drivers. My old harddrive is long gone.

The only fleeting moment I see actual overscan working is half second after reset. If the hardware is switched on (I have a physical switch enabling the whole thing) the screen garbage is conveniently stretched all over the screen for a brief moment. If the hardware switch is off - the screen size constraints are gracefully respected.

There seems to be a requirement for a specific TOS version to be installed - I have a rainbow TOS flashed into my old ST. Could it be that it's not enough? Or are there other drivers? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Hardware Overscan

Post by Atari74user »

I actually have OverScan installed on my STFM, have had it for years bought new from Compo (I think). It should be OK with Rainbow TOS, see below manual. You may need to check any soldering, just a thought? Or potentially anything else you have running on boot up and the boot order, it is not supposed to matter, however I tend to run it last in my boot order? Kind regards

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