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1040 STE : floppy drive issue

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:39 pm
by dizzy33

since this morning, my 1040 STE does not read any games anymore. I loaded International Karate using my Gotek, just before the game started some bombs were displayed and the STE crashed. Since then, when I start my STE, the STE tries to boot the floppy (Gotek) then display the desktop but with no floppy icons (the desktop is empty). I tested the Gotek on a 520 ST and it is working fine. So the problem comes from somewhere in the STE motherboard. I think the problem may come from the C302434 (AJAX) which is the floppy controler, I tried to reseat it but no luck.
As the STE behave like if there was no floppy drive connected, do you think the issue may come from the C302434 ?
If yes, do you know where I can buy one ?

Thanks a lot !

Re: 1040 STE : floppy drive issue

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 3:35 pm
by Mindthreat
I'm having similar issues with my STe and Gotek as well. Did you try a different USB drive and make sure it's under 4GB?

My first one was working fine and then it would give me 2 bombs when trying to launch the hotz.prg , taking the USB to a PC and all the folders and file names are garbled and the drive says it's read only now so basically trashed and not usable anymore. I formatted another USB and set it up in the boot loader in the beginning but it's still giving 2 bombs now when trying to launch the program.

Haven't done anything different, can't help but feel these drives just aren't very reliable or are they STe specific-related? Frustrating to say the least.. I'm thinking it's time for me to consider alternative options, though I'm unsure if the CF card reader is available anymore for these?