How to measure the blitter bandwidth usage

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How to measure the blitter bandwidth usage

Post by dineesh »

Hi All,

I use a blitter which has a bandwidth of 108 Megapixels / sec.

Now I try to copy a data of 720 x 576 x 4 (ARBG data) from on screen to another using the above blitter. Now what is the bandwidth usage for the above blit using the above said blitter.

How is it caculated? How do I know how much megapixels are utilized and how much of blitter's bandwidth will be utilized in this simple blit.

However how this is going to change when I use a resize blit from 720 x 576 dimension to 1280 x 720 dimension and the same in blend operation.

Any comments / criticism are welcome. I'm trying to learn from the experts :wink:

Many Thanks,
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