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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Back on the stolen code of FileDisk and VDK.

I have spent some time at reading both codes, and it appears that the author of VDK didn't rewrite the code of FileDisk at all but copied large portions of it and split them in several of his own files.

He took the time to put his copyright on each of his files, but didn't mention that he got parts of the code from the thief of FileDisk or from the original author.

FileDisk is globally credited in a README file with the now famous sentence:
"[VDK] simply could not happen without his [the thief of FileDisk] great works".
But he doesn't tell that he took much code from FileDisk though.

Nothing makes me believe that he knew that the code of FileDisk was stolen when he wrote VDK (2003).

A resume of the two packages:

FileDisk, stolen:
1200 lines of stolen library code + 350 stolen lines for the wrapper program.

VDK: 13800 lines of code including the code pasted from the stolen FileDisk, much more than an extension of it from my point of view.
And another file of 5700 lines taken from the thief of FileDisk too, but from another of his thefts ... oops, I meant "projects".
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