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planned (?) AtariLegend Compacts

Post by simonsunnyboy »

Hi ppl,

am I right that there is a special bunch of menu disks for Atari Legend planned?
If so, then I would like to contribute a virus killer disk.
I plan a disk with UVK, perhaps Sagrotan and a few smaller tools on.

Any comments on that? Needed or not?
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Re: planned (?) AtariLegend Compacts

Post by thothy »

simonsunnyboy wrote: I plan a disk with UVK, perhaps Sagrotan and a few smaller tools on.

Any comments on that?
As far as I know, "Sagrotan" has been renamed and improved under the name "Toxis". So if you consider to add this virus killer to the collection, you should rather use "Toxis" than "Sagrotan", I think.

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Post by Brume »

Hi simonsunnyboy,

We don't plan to release compact menus yet. D-Bug do it better than us ;) Maybe we'll do menus with some PD on it, but we focus at the moment on 'rare' games (single disks). We have already cracked many stuffs, put an intro, we'll release them as soon as the download section is open.
A disk full of anti-virus is a good idea anyway. We'll see if we can release some utilities disks in the future.
Btw, if someone wants to write an intro for us (non-menu), please let us know. We are working with Bigfoot/MJJ-Prod atm (greetings mate!), but I don't like to abuse.
So more intros we get, more happy we are (Yoda's speaking...?) :)


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Post by Mug UK »

I'm sure I can lend a hand when this weeks project is over and done with.
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