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Suggestion for Atari-Legend: Game rating similarities engine

Post by bpadinha »

[admins: please move this if there is a more appropriate forum, I'm not too sure]

Say, I've come across an idea that might make an on-line Atari game database such as the one at Atari Legend even more useful: ratings.

Not just the ability to rate a game, as we all know that a 5-star game for me might be a 0-star game for someone else, but rather the ability to look for games bound to be enjoyed by you based on the others you like, much like Amazon and other sites do with their recommendations ("People who've given high ratings to this game have also given high rates for games A, B and C"). I think The Underdogs also has this, but I'm not sure it's based on ratings.

Anyway, just a thought, if there's traction I'd be glad to discuss more details and provide any other input required.



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Post by ST Graveyard »

hmmm, are you sure this is based on ratings? I'm not so sure Bruce. When I look at amazon, and lets say I'm looking for the DVD "freddy vs Jason", then the "people who like this film also liked" will always lead to other movies of the same genre! for example "nightmare on elmstreet".
So I don't think that this feature is based on ratings, but based on genres. And as you might have noticed, we have such a feature build in (although most games still need to be linked to a genre or similar game table).

However, I'm planning to add ratings to a game in the future (a la Lemon64). And ofcourse visitors can rate the game then. And then it will be easy to get lists of the best rated games ... Or even get lists of the best rated games within a genre!

So thanks for the suggestion ... I hope we can implement it soon ...

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