Games Re-compiling

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Games Re-compiling

Post by Marcer »


I have just Compiled couple of games with compiler 2.7. and Funny thing is. many of the games seems to run in 1 vbl. or atleast faster than they previous did.
But there is some titles that the Compiler refuses. and im not a STOS hacker, so is there anybody out there who can help me out.

common error I get is : Non declared array in line 60

it runs fine in STOS basic.
the line is:
60 if A<1 then goto SLUT else gosub BANA(A) : inc LF

any ideas?
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Re: Games Re-compiling

Post by MiggyMog »

It may be worthwhile posting the BAS file(s)? Too many possibilities Otherwise but It may be automatically declaring the array in interpreted mode but not in compiled? Or maybe an extension is broken in the compiled verson?
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Re: Games Re-compiling

Post by mlynn1974 »

STOS 2.6 with Compiler version 2.7 doesn't seem to support forward declarations.
That is: the compiler will throw an error if an array is used but declared in a later line number even if the array is initialised error by using a goto\gosub. I don't know about writing compilers, but this seems like quite an advanced thing to do and if it doesn't work in 2.7 it is unlikely it would work in previous versions.

When I used STOS a lot I didn't know what forward declarations were.
Billy Allan discovered a few problems with the compiler when he was writing The Missing Link, but I don't think that was one of them.
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