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I want to remake a game for the Atari ST. I am now using VBCC and Hatari and Steem Boiler.
I had some nasty bugs and needed a lot of time debugging. Before, I developed for the 8-Bit Atari with Altirra and WUDSN and had source breakpoints and symbols there. I always loved my ST more than the 8Bit back in the days. The 68000 is sooo great. Ecspecially compare to the 6502. And now I am struggeling, because I can not get symbols or breakpoints in the development and it should take less hours to develop a game on the ST than on the XL.

How can I get Hatari or Steem to work with symbols?
Steem seems to have a better debugging gui, but I have no symbols and I can not find an option or menu to load them.
Hatari does loading automatically, when I hit AltGr-break . Baut it always loads only 1 Symbol. So I need a hint on how to get all Symbols in the Prg.
To break the debugger I put in an exception like
char* pCrash=NULL; *pCrasch=0x12;
This translates to
suba a4,a4
move #$12,(a4)
and I put the PC to the next location and step further.

I like the vbcc very much, but would change to another C Compiler if needed. At present I coded the game in Visual Studio C and did a lot of functions twice: For the ST (in C / Assembler) and for Windows. Then I debugged it under Windows. But that only works for game logic. And I had nasty bugs in the ST-Functions. Everything worked fine in Windows and doesn't for the ST.
I would like to skip doing a lot of stuff twice.

Ideally, someone could tell me how to get symbols with vbcc for Hatari or Steem.
If that is not possible, then I would like to know which development systems for C works best for debugging.
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Re: Development

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Hatari debugger supports only DRI / GST debug symbols (the traditional Atari debug symbols format, not the Unix a.out format).

From Hatari manual's "The debugger" -> "Debug symbols" section:
The options you need to add suitable symbol table to your programs, depend on which toolchain you use to build it:

* "OPT D+,X+"

* "-g", and "-l" option for local symbols, both for linking

* "-Wl,--traditional-format" option for linking, and "-g" for compilation to get local symbols

* "-g" (can only be used at linking phase), when VBCC configuration file uses "-bataritos" option for the linker
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