ROM address map

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ROM address map

Post by Mr Nours »

Hello Guys,

Do you know if there is somewhere an address map of the ROM?

I want to get the bee bitmap or the system font for a basic scrolltext but i don't find any related document.

Does the address of the system font is always the same between TOS versions?

Thanks :D
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Re: ROM address map

Post by Cyprian »

different TOS version have different internal data organization.
you can change mouse pointer to busybee and just copy its shape.

regarding fonts, LINEA returns "Addr. of monospace font data "

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void     *v_fnt_ad;          /*  -$16: Addr. of monospace font data */
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Re: ROM address map

Post by ThorstenOtto »

For a list of hardware addresses, just take a look at the attached file (hardware.txt, maybe can be found elsewhere, but was to lazy to search for it ;)

To get the address of the system fonts, you need to call linea0(). a0 will return a pointer to the linea-variables. You can then either use the def_font member or the cur_font member of the negative linea variables, or look at the list of fonts returned in register a1 of the call, depending of what you want to do. cur_font and def_font point to font headers, a1 points to an array of pointers to font headers.

Note that you only get the system fonts by these methods, not any fonts loaded by GDOS (eg. NVDI).

And no, they are at different locations in different ROM versions, their address even differs for different language versions.

If you mean the mouse shape of the busy bee with "bee bitmap": this is part of GEM.RSC, and not found in the fonts.
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Re: ROM address map

Post by AdamK »

The cleaner way would be to make print text using system function and then grab it from screen. There are many TOS versions and font data may be all over the place.

But, the best way woud be to embed your own fonts, as system fonts could be changed by the user.
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