Bad Mood : Falcon030 'Doom'

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Re: Bad Mood : Falcon030 'Doom'

Post by mikro »

dml wrote:Quick update - we figured out what went wrong with the MIDI replay and the ongoing problems with BMC update pass getting stuck on some (missing!) textures. Those things are all fixed now so v0.38 zips will be along soon.
Perhaps now it would be a good time? It's too late to hide, we saw you on the forum today! :)
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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Re: Bad Mood : Falcon030 'Doom'

Post by sety »

Also, if you could just invert that mouse look, that'd be fantastic! :)
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Re: Bad Mood : Falcon030 'Doom'

Post by Trixster »

That would be the dream
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Re: Bad Mood : Falcon030 'Doom'

Post by nemodhs »

Only optional please! I like the mouse look just as it is.

But a v0.38 would be awesome.
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