SainT211.exe - lower resolution limit?

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SainT211.exe - lower resolution limit?

Post by aag »


I've read the posts about Saint, fullsceen and 50hz syncing - and I'm still a bit confused. Help appreciated!

My real query is,

does SaintT have a lower/internal native screen resolution of 800x600 for full screen?

  • Desktop res of 1024x768, if I select fullscreen and don't tick the "use desktop res" - then the screen seems to goto 800x600.
  • I'm assuming that the image is scale IF I select fullscreen and tick the "use desktop res", if the desktop res > 800x600.
  • Desktop resolution < 800x600, use full screen and use desktop res. Saint seems to switch to 800x600 anyway, but when you f12 for options, you can't seem them because they're off screen.
The reason for asking is that I've discovered Powerstrip and it's driving a ATI radeon 7500 mobility chipset, outputting a 15khz RGB signal to feed a scart TV OR a genuine Atari SC1435 monitor.

The laptop LCD is running Gamebase (well GBPlayer :D ) (ST/Amiga + others).

For GB ST - in Saint I've set the "hardware adapter" to ouput to the 15khz tv/monitor. (Steem doesn't seem able to automatically output to the 2nd monitor.)

Using powerstrip, I can create custom low resolutions. (My current winue is 640 x 288 @50hz (ie a non-interlaced image)).

I was wondering if I could create a non-interlaced, low resolution for Saint, but there seems to be a 800x600 inbuilt limit?!?


GBPlayer developer!

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Re: SainT211.exe - lower resolution limit?

Post by alexh »

TV resolution is 720x576 so 800x600 seems a natural size for a correct aspect ratio screen

288 is only 1/2 height and would look very squashed on a PC monitor (I know it would look correct on a TV).

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